2023 Grandparent, You are my SUNSHINE

2023 Grandparent, You are my SUNSHINE

My name is Heidi Pearson, otherwise known as Miss Heidi to your grandchildren, and we are talking about grandparents at school in honor of Grandparents Day, which is September 10th, 2023.  To read more about Grandparents Day, visit the National Grandparents Day website at www.grandparents-day.com.

We want to invite you to come celebrate a GREAT day with your grandchild(ren). 

If you cannot attend, our class would really like to hear from you. Please write us a note or even email us at almostmomtx@1scom.net anytime you want. We want to learn something about you and the area where you live. (Maybe you could send us a postcard.) 

We have included an interview form (look on the side under MORE INFO for the Grandparent Interview Form) with questions your grandchild would like to know from you.  We would love to hear about your life.  (PS…Your grown children, love to read your comments as well.)

We love to see any photos you would like to share with us about your life, your childhood, or even your adventures in life.  We love to see pictures and hear stories. (you can upload pictures on the Grandparent Interview Form.)

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love Forever and Always, from your Grandchild

The event is finished.

The RSVP ticket sales has ended!


Sep 08 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Almost Mom
Almost Mom
8932 Riscky Trl Fort Worth, TX 76244


Heidi Pearson
Heidi Pearson
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