When you can't be mom 24 hours a day Almost Mom is here!


"In the time my daughter has been in Heidi's care, my family has experienced the highest quality care. She is always there for not only my daughter, but my family whenever we might need her. She is more than a caregiver to my family, she is a member of my family. Together we are raising my daughter. Heidi provides a shoulder for my daughter to cry on when I cannot be there, she provides loving arms to hold her when they are needed, she gives kisses freely and without question. I know my daughter loves every moment she spends at Almost Mom Home Day Care because when I arrive, she does not want to leave. Heidi's family is my daughter's older brothers and sisters. This is truly the best care I could have ever wished for my daughter." - Andrea and EJ

"This letter of reference is provided to families in search of high quality child care. I have known Heidi for two years and thank my lucky stars for that. She has been the perfect home day care provider for our daughter. As a licensed day care provider myself, I know what to look for. Heidi is totally kid-oriented. She engages the children in age-appropriate, safe, and stimulating activities. Outdoor play is an important part of every day at Heidi's. She provides a large variety of large motor activities for the kids, and she plays with them. She also teaches important life-skill lessons, such as not talking to strangers. Heidi takes pictures of the kids, and does preschool activities with them such as calendar time, songs, crafts, books and computer. Heidi is very effective at fostering independence in children, being particularly skilled in early potty training. She broke my daughter of her thumb-sucking in a positive way. Heidi's no-nonsense manner sets explicit boundaries for children's behavior. She is firm but loving and kind. Almost Mom Home Day Care is immaculately clean and free of clutter. Heidi is self-motivated, intelligent, and highly professional. She is a great communicator, and she is honest. I trust her with my precious child. Heidi can handle anything. Jim and I recommend her without reservation as the best home day care provider you'll ever find." -Lorie and Jim

"Being a working mother of 5 children, I have had to obtain daycare for my children for the past 12 years. This is a task that is not always easy to do. Her professional and personal care for my children has been the best I have ever had the chance to experience. I would like to sight some aspects that make "Almost Mom" Day Care exceptional.

1. Upon meeting with Heidi, she wanted to know about our family and what our interests were. She expressed her love of children and shows that love each time my children arrive at her house. She not only cares about my two children that are in her care, but she treats my 3 older boys with respect and courtesy and always talks with them and makes them feel special.
2. Our son is 3 years old and our daughter is 22 months. Heidi treats them like they are one of her own. She is fair and very compassionate. I like how she stops whatever she is going to listen to my children and make them feel important.
3. Heidi has a strict discipline policy that pertains to each child. My children respect Heidi and know when they have made a wrong choice. She always talks to them to let them know why their action as was not a good choice and how they can make better choices next time. Then she always lets them know that she still loves them!

My children have really learned a lot about every important social skill since they have been going to "Almost Mom" Day Care. They use their manners, they are always clean and well feed while in her care, and they play well with other children because they learn to share with others. I would recommend Heidi Pearson to anyone that needs a day care provider. She does an excellent job and she is one in a million that goes the extra mile to make sure your child or children are well taken care of." -Lana and Lanny

"This letter is in reference to the quality of care at "Almost Mom Day Care". Heidi has provided care to our son since he was 2 months old. He is now three years old. Our son was born 5 weeks early and only weighed 4 pounds and 6 ounces and is my first child. My husband and I, as any parents were very selective in choosing the "right" day care provider. As any protective parent would, we interviewed other day care providers. However, none were as understanding, organized, and thoughtful as Heidi during that initial interview. She immediately asked to hold our son and gave him her undivided attention. She answered all our questions completely. During the time that Heidi has been our day care provider, she has always been attentive, caring and a fair but strict discipliner. Heidi always talks to our son and the other children about making the right choices. She teaches every child to be polite and kind and to use good manners. Heidi is fun and energetic. She always has fun projects for the kids to work on and she provides daily report of accomplishments. Heidi also teaches each child to grow individually. She teaches the ABC's, 123's, colors, shapes, music, telling time, potty training and so much more. Our son has grown, not only in knowledge of basic education for his age, but also in social skills. He has learned empathy, how to share and how to play well with others. Heidi has been a wealth of information for overprotective parents such as myself and my husband. She is always available to discuss any problems that arise. And she is always willing to give advice and to see us though minor illnesses, colic, teething, potty training, gaining independence during the so called "terrible 2's", and all the other aspects of developmental growth that infants and toddlers experience. Heidi Pearson is a fantastic person and an exceptional day care provider. We would recommend Heidi to anyone that needs day care. You can be sure that she will love your children as her own and will provide the best care that can be found." -Brad and Connie