When you can't be mom 24 hours a day Almost Mom is here!

Licensing and Training

Almost Mom is Licensed with the State of Texas Department of Health and Protective Services Fort Worth, TX 10/09 thru current

  • To learn more check out: www.dfps.state.tx.us
  • Frequent state inspections by local licensing office
  • Certified Infant/Child CPR and First Aid
  • Food Program - Frequent food inspections by Nutritional Advantage, Inc. CACFP
  • Criminal Background checks

Registered daycare provider in Keller, Texas 4/06 thru 10/09

Registered daycare provider in Republic, Missouri 11/26/01 thru 6/3/05

Licensed daycare provider in Lincoln, Nebraska 11/10/98 thru 2/2/01

Child Care Associations:
The below associations seek to improve the quality of in-home childcare by providing caregivers with moral, educational and professional support as well as training opportunities.

  • Actively involved in Keller Association of Family Child Care www.kellerchildcare.org
  • Actively involved in Texas Association for Family Child Care www.TAFCC.org
  • Constantly updating training in child development

Being licensed with the State of Texas I am required to complete at least 30 hours of training annually as of 2013. The training must be in the following categories:

  • Child growth and development;
  • Guidance and discipline;
  • Age-appropriate curriculum; and
  • Teacher-child interaction;
  • Care of children with special needs;
  • Child health (for example, nutrition and physical activity);
  • Safety;
  • Risk management;
  • Identification and care of ill children;
  • Cultural diversity of children and families;
  • Professional development (for example, effective communication with families, time and stress management);
  • Preventing the spread of communicable diseases;
  • Topics relevant to the particular ages of children in care (for example, caregivers working with infants or toddlers should receive training on biting and toilet training);
  • Planning developmentally appropriate learning activities;
  • Observation and assessment;
  • Attachment and responsive care giving; and
  • Minimum standards and how they apply to the caregiver.

Because I specialize in infant care I also have annual training for infants in the following categories:

  • Recognizing and preventing shaken baby syndrome;
  • Preventing sudden infant death syndrome; and
  • Understanding early childhood brain development.

2018 45.85 hours completed
2017 58.5 hours completed
2016 55.5 hours completed
2015 63.5 hours completed
2014 99.5 hours completed
2013 133.5 hours completed
2012 60 hours completed
2011 39.5 hours completed
2010 69.65 hours completed
2009 66 hours completed
2008 82.5 hours completed
2007 23 hours completed
2006 32 hours completed